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October 17, 2012

Since more than one software has been utilized for most projects–for different purposes such as modelling, production and post-production–I shall categorize the illustrations project wise as opposed to software wise. Please click on the pictures for information about the software used.

Burnham Pavillion by Zaha Hadid
(Rhino, 3D Max, Photoshop)

Distance-responsive facade pattern

Project description:
This grasshopper script is intended to create a surface texture or pattern on a façade whose size is responsive to the distance from a multiple number of openings on a façade. This is associated with some earlier intentions of my studio exploration.

List of dependencies:
Surface –> grid points –> filtered grid to exclude perimeter points –> circle pattern– >identify the curves of the openings — > graft the resultant grid by proximity to closest curve — > distance between grafted point and closest curve –>circle radii — > set maximum limit of radii > use pattern to generate surface treatment options.

Psuedo Script:

1.Use ‘Set One Surface’ in Grasshopper by selecting the surface with openings created in rhino.
2.Divide surface into grid points into the number of columns and rows of the desired pattern.
3. Filter this grid of points to exclude the points on the surface perimeter.
4. Create a pattern of circles using the center points of the filtered grid.
5. Identify the bounding curves of the openings in the surface.
6. Use this to graft the resultant grid points obtained earlier sorting by their proximity to closest curve.
7. Synchronously sought out the closest curves.
8. Find out the points on these curves closest to the grafted points.
9. Use the distance between the above points as a controlling factor for setting up the varying radii of circles in the pattern.
10. Find out the spacing in either direction of the grid created in step 1 and establish the least of the two values.
11. Use the above value as the maximum limit of radii of the pattern.
12. Use the pattern generated for the two options below and any other potential options:
• Creating surface texture on the facade.
• Creating punctures in the facade.

Input parameters:
Surface with openings (built in rhino)
Grid Specification (rows and columns for pattern)
Pattern control factor for size of circles.
Extrusion height for surface treatment option1.

Grasshopper version used: 0.8.0060


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